Everything to know about our first range - The Robot Range

Every range will be inspired by something, once I am sold on an idea I'll start putting it together. Designs and drawings are all done by myself and this is the easy part. The hard part is to get the perfect picture in my head to become a reality in my hands to eventually sell to all the Muppie lovers.

The first range started in February, where I saw little robots being used for Valentines day. When I saw it the first time, I just knew I needed some robots on      T-shirts. I gave it some thought and found it connected with moms.... don't we all wake up and kick into "robot gear" the moment we open our eyes? The rest is history. I did some robot research and started doodling. I'll introduce these little creations one by one and share the inspiration behind each picture.

#becauseisaidso  (Because I said so)

Because I said so Picture 4..png


Famous last words!!!! Promised myself I would never use these words when I'm all grown up, but guess what?

I LOVE these words!

#butfirstcoffee  (But first coffee)

But first I need coffee Picture 2..png

Becoming a mom brings so much joy but for those long nights where you hear the seconds tick slower and slower, when you are playing musical beds all night and sleep no longer than 2 hours, the only fix is that first cup of coffee while the sun comes up and everyone else is still sleeping.

#datenight. (Datenight)

Date Night Picture 1.png

We all want to dress up, add our favorite perfume, do our hair & go on a date with the man of our dreams. feel the magic under the black sky filled with stars. Love overwrites everything.

#girlsjustwanahavefun (Girls just want have fun)

girls just wanna have fun.png


Yes, when you become a mom you have to become responsible.... but just sometimes we want to let our hair down and have some fun.

#allweneedislove (All we need is love)

All we need is love Picture 5.png


No matter who you are or where you are from, all we need is love. It's the best ELECTRIC feeling of all times. It can fix anything always!

This concludes the robots for the first range. I added two more robots to the robot family a little later but I'll introduce them to you another time. As you can see, these pictures came straight from a mother's heart. I adore them and love wearing them according to my mood for the day.

Go look at these "cuties" on all our different products on my website and choose your favorite mood, it's simple. Just add it to your cart and before you know it you could be wearing your emotions on your sleeve.





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