More about our first range.

Someone suggested I share some photos of the actual clothes that features in the first range and I decided that it was a great idea! If you red the blog post, "Our first range" that featured on the 25th October you will know where the robot range started. For those that never red it, go back one post and give it a quick squiz.

When I started thinking about "how to show" the clothes, I decided that I would have professional photos taken, which meant I needed a model. The more I got into this, the more I realized this is a lot more work than I originally imagined. To safe myself from some headaches I decided to model my own clothes. (for now that is) I know right, that was my first thought as well, but I figured I made it this far, I might as well go all the way. So I did it, I was my own model for my own clothing range.

#becauseisaidso  (Because I said so)


This fun slick and modern tee says it all. It's the kind of words we hear ourselves say, I don't know maybe a hundred times a day. I sure do, with four kids, this is basically the story of my life. This little robot also features on our awesome woman's undies. The shape and type of undies was inspired by a movie I watched as a teenager "Charlie's Angels" back in the 90's. There's a scene where Cameron Diaz dances in likewise undies and opens the door for the post man.

ML9 (12).JPG


#butfirstcoffee  (But first coffee)


I love this shirt! It is comfortable, slimming and such a nice color. This shirt was the first one I sold and only have two left in stock. My most popular one yet. This robot speaks to all moms because if you are anything like me, you can't start your day without that first cup of coffee.

#datenight. (Datenight)


This is such a cute, light and fun shirt. I absolutely love the sleeves, it compliments my shoulders and it takes me back to the 80's. This little miss robot was my first complete drawing of the range and once I finished with her I couldn't stop. There's more than just this white shirt in this print. A cool black t-shirt dress and cute woman's undies.

ML9 (10).JPG


#girlsjustwanahavefun (Girls just want have fun)


The olive green jumpsuit is enough to make you crazy! It is so perfect for those "in-between" weather days and can be used as a casual outfit or even better as a "funky" evening outfit. The great part about this jumpsuit, you only shop once and you cover your entire body. From top to toe.

Another cute sleeve t-shirt that takes me back to the 80's but this time the robot sits on the back of the shirt. Very slimming and cute in a nice grey and the beauty of this shirt is you can either dress it down because its a t-shirt or if you want you can dress it up because of the "formal" sleeve. You can also find this print on our woman's undies.

ML9 (15).JPG

#allweneedislove (All we need is love)



This white t-shirt is young, fresh and prefect for South-Africa's hot summers. The back is slightly open with beautiful detail. It's a loose fit t-shirt for those days that you have too much pizza :)



I personally love this button-up shirt. It's very plain but the detail on the back gives it a nice edge. I love it because you can wear this as a formal shirt but still look "funky" or you can add it to just jeans and look "funky!"

ML9 (11).JPG

These cuties also feature on our cute woman's undies but this time on the back in black. This was the first "Muppie Lounge" item I wore, and fell in love with it!

There's more, and more is coming, so pop in and check out our catalog on our website. It's simple, find what you like and speaks to your heart, add it to the cart and check out like any other online shop. Looking forward to sending you your first Muppie parcel.



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